Namakin Agro-Industrial Company was established in 1983 as a member of Delta Group of Companies with the goal of production and trade of food products in the middle-east. At the first step, Namakin established a modern factory in Shiraz-Iran for the production of Cucumber Pickles using the latest technology in canned food production with a commitment to produce and export high-quality products. The company has benefited from continues development and expansion of production lines, increase in production capacity as well as producing new products throughout the past years. Today Namakin processes a wide variety of pickles, Tomato Paste, Jams, Syrups and Dressings to suit consumers' wide-ranging needs and variable tastes. With dedicated customer service and continuous improvement, Namakin has gained customers' trust and has successfully expanded its business globally to cover five continents: North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Namakin brings to the consumers the freshness and high quality food products under its own labels as well as customers' private brands.